Being pregnant now with my second baby boy I realized that we are running out of space in the house. Many parents face this issue everyday and I’m not different. My son has his own bedroom and we decided to change things a little. I’ve read so many things about children sharing rooms and totally loved the cute little ideas for room decor that I want to give it a shot. We live in a 3 bedroom home and the kids will have to share rooms as right now… Thankfully, Brendan’s room is big enough so we can rearrange everything and make it all fit. But even if you don’t have a big room you still can find many cute ideas to rearrange your child’s bedroom for the new baby that is coming.

First: Don’t be afraid of colors! Pop of colors will definitely give the room a bigger feel and will bring a happier vibe. If you don’t want to paint the room, you can find adorable wall decals that are super easy to apply and remove in the future – and you can find those in any department stores.

Second: Unique furniture – Yes depending on what type or size furniture you have it will make a huge differencet in the space you have available to work with. Keeping it simple and stylish is the way to go. It’s definitely okay to use different style of furniture such as antique and modern, and create a cute unique space for your little one. Changing what you already have can be a money saver – there are many DIY projects that are easy and affordable so you don’t need to spend money on new kids furniture.

Last but not least: Bring your personal touches and show off your little ones projects. A way to save money on decor is using your kid’s little crafts and pantings projects as decor. You can hang their first paintings on the wall and make it all colorful and personal. It will also make the child feel even more special to have their work exposed and appreciated it!

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Hey girls,

I wanted to share with you guys this amazing product I just used few days ago! It’s the amazing self tanner from Victoria’s Secret!! This is just fantastic and I’m so happy with the results. Maybe you live somewhere where winter stays around too long and you just don’t like to use the tanning bed. This is a great solution – healthy one- to have an amazing glow! I’ve tried many self tanner brands and have my favorites but this one is just awesome because has a little glitter and your skin is not only perfectly tanned but also has a little shimmer. Who doesn’t like to glow, literally?

If you are looking for an amazing instant tan, here’s what you have to try!

I definitely recommend!!

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Hello Mommies- To – Be!

I put together here some cute ideas for modern nurseries. People used to have a strong opinion on Modern ”anything” because this style used to be seen as ”cold” and ”without life”. Everything has changed and modern became colorful and cozy. This pictures here show some cute ideas for those mommies who are trying to stick with the ”clean & modern” style but still introducing pop of colors and mixing up patterns.

Animal Prints are so in right now and make the nursery look so cute and alive! It can also help you in the decoration process when your babies are sharing rooms because this type of prints can be used for girls and boys rooms!! How practical huh?!

Strips and Bright colors are also new trends that are being adjusted according to your liking. I love to mix and match different style and colors!


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  • Raquel Rios - August 27, 2014 - 5:38 pm

    I’m in love with the pink coral bedroom. But where can I find that crib bedding?ReplyCancel

So excited about my new items and to see that I have some spring/ summer outfits already hanging on the rack! I was browsing around Marshalls and Tjmaxx ( my favorite stores EVER) and found some amazing deals that I just couldn’t pass on. Plus I was trying to find outfits to match my new Celine Bag!!

How colorful is your closet right now? Ready for spring yet?

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  • Neide - September 16, 2014 - 1:27 pm

    Love everything. You are awesome! neideReplyCancel