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Florals and Blues

I finally went back to church Sunday and decided to wear my brand new pair of heels from Marshalls. I love Marshalls! I mean, who doesn’t?! I’m the kind of person who buys the shoes first and then will look for an outfit to go with it! Ha!! Shoes always come first around here. Fall has just started here in the PNW and I wanted to change my wardrobe a little bit and wear more turtlenecks this season, so I went to tjmaxx and found just the one I was looking for. Well, it’s a lie – I found 2, this black one and another in army green – which I’m pretty excited to wear next and create a cute look for it. The lovely skirt is from Burlington – HELLO!! My other favorite store, of course. Since I love pink, I got another skirt in pink as well! I believe that this fall/winter season I will be wearing lots of skirts and will try to bring florals and colors to the coldest months. Why not make this season just as colorful as summer?! I’m all for it! Anyway, a lot of people were asking AND my beautiful bold necklace is from Walmart – heap you heard me right! Yes, I do enjoy to shop in those places and am not ashamed to say so because I can always find the cutest outfits for amazing affordable prices!! Hey, I Can’t never pass up a deal!!

Xo, Ingrid

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