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Vilseck & Graf

Before coming to Germany we had no idea what to expect. I tried to do a lot of research and see all the pictures I could find, which weren’t that many on social media. I was a little disappointed because I really like to see how the place looks like before getting there. I really dig deep on Google!! I guess it makes me feel better to ”get to know” the place beforehand. But the pictures I saw were just blah…. that’s why I was so excited to get here!! So I could photograph everything and help people get the feel of the town before moving here. Anyway, Vilseck isn’t that big. It’s a very charming town and right next to it we have the U.S. Army base (Rose Barracks). Most shops and stores speak English, which is very helpful when you have first arrived. Many military families choose to live there since it’s very close to base and near Amberg and Graf.

I would say that Vilseck is very stroller and children friendly, like most of the Bavarian towns around here. It also has a few great restaurants that we really enjoy. So if you are looking for a great place to eat or a date night in Vilseck – Angus Steakhouse is the place to go! Absolutely amazing food and wine!! For a more casual dinner Gasthof Hammer is wonderful and there you get to enjoy some authentic German food. For Italian/Greek Alexander is great as well.

Here are our favorite restaurants:

Angus Steakhouseย – AMAZING!!

Gasthof Hammerย – Authentic German Cuisine

Alexanderย – Greek Cuisine

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