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Regensburg is one of the UNESCO’s World Heritage and is situated at the confluence of the Danube, Naab and Regen rivers. The city was considered the cultural center of southern Germany in the Middle Ages.The pictures above are from the Thrun und Taxis castle, the church details inside of the palace, the Danube River and other spots downtown such as the Dom Cathedral. We absolutely loved visiting the castle and admiring all the details. The Princes of Thurn and Taxis lived here for almost two hundred years after they moved from Frankfurt to Regensburg in 1748. In 1816, the palace was converted into a magnificent residence that is regarded as one of the most important examples of historicism in Germany. The Romanesque-Gothic cloister, an impressive reminder of the building’s history as a Benedictine abbey, dates back to the 11th century. Very impressive details and you get to walk around and even go inside to check out the rooms. After sightseeing you can go have some delicious Bavarian meal right next to the castle at the Bauhaus am Schloss, where you can also enjoy their own crafted beer!

Brauhaus am Schloss is Easily located right next to the Castle

Another place we also gave it a try downtown and loved it was Regensburg Weissbrauhaus. Which also had a delicious Bavarian meals and their own brewed beer. Very cool environment for a drink after a long day sightseeing!

Built in the 1300s on the site of earlier cathedrals, Regensburg Cathedral (Dom St. Peter) is the finest Gothic building in Bavaria. Its harmonious exterior, alive with interesting medieval sculptures, has recently been fully cleaned. Inside are even more sculptures along with an extensive collection of medieval stained glass. Absolutely beautiful!

All the unique details of the buildings are breathtaking. While admiring the architecture you can also enjoy some great street food in the market downtown right next to the Dom on weekends.

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