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Oh I couldn’t tell you enough how much I love Bamberg! It’s just a beautiful city and it has the most delicious restaurants and pubs. Plus, I get to take pictures of those gorgeous colorful buildings!! It truly is a photographer’s paradise around here. Our favorite day to go there is on Sunday’s. I love to sightsee European cities on Sundays!! Mainly because all the shops are closed and the crowds aren’t so big. And I get to resist my shopping temptations too! Europeans love to go walk around on Sundays. They believe that this is the day to spend time together with their families and to take walks, getting to really enjoy their surroundings. You don’t get to really appreciate sightseeing when all the shops are open.. so Sunday is the perfect day to do so! I learned to enjoy not having things open on weekends. It gave me a different perspective about our weekends in general. When I was living in the US, my weekends were made of going to Target check out the home decor section and what other stores had on sale. Everything changed now. I live to travel and plan trips! To really take advantage of this opportunity to live here and see everything. We love to go explore on weekends and taste different foods. Thankfully, most restaurants are open on Sundays. So having a beer and a delicious Bavarian meal somewhere along the way is a must!

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