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Fishtail Loving

Everyone who knows me knows that I am obsessed with messy braids of all kinds. I am a super busy boys mom and to be honest I do not have the time to do my hair everyday. So, in order to look presentable I always have an easy braid look on. My go to are the Dutch Braid and the Fishtail braid, seeing above. I love the fishtail one, although it can be a little challenging so you have to make sure you got some extra time to work on it. I attached the explanation on how to do them and since I am a visual person, that chart helped me learn the method. I absolutely love this look and you can always dress it up with a fun hair accessory as well. The beauty of braids is that you have to find what works best for you and you can choose how messy you want it to be. Just gotta have fun with it!!

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