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Brendan at the Neues Schloss Front Entrance GardenLovely DowntownI want that red vespa!!Brendan really loved that fountain and was playing there for a long time ; )So handsome! My boys!! Neues SchlossSuch a gorgeous garden and super well taken care of
Exploring everywhere Amazing!Castles Gardens The castle So pretty
Trying to take a selfie when Brendan started to cry.. He wanted to go IN the fountain and I said no..

Mean mom, I know.. lolI love this picture My handsome Logan running in front of the castle! He had a great time exploring. Flowers everywhere
You can actually go inside of the castle and take a tour. Since Brendan was upset and tired I decided to skip the tour for the next time we visit. 

I had the opportunity to take the boys to Bayreuth on a day trip and we had so much fun there! Bayreuth is such an adorable Bavarian city with so many lovely places to visit. It is a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage since 2012. In 2014 it was elected on the list of the TOP 100 attractions in Germany. Charming castles, the historical Eremitage Park with its dreamy grottos and fountains, the Festival Theatre with its unique acoustics, as well as a variety of interesting museums awaits you. Numerous music and theatre festivals provide cultural experience at it´s highest level. It’ a lovely place to go visit and have a picnic. You can set up a blanket on the floor in of the castle garden and enjoy a lovely lunch or a book. Many people go there to relax and admire the flowers and trees. We had such a wonderful time and can’t wait to go back to see the other fun sights!!

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