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Pop Of Color In The Kitchen

Oh gotta love some colorful breakfast bowls! I saw them today and had to bring them home. They are so cute and match my kitchen. I love these colors and teal is my favorite. I got these bowls from a store here in Germany called KIK It really has become a trend right now to have mismatched dishes of all sorts. Colorful creations that inspire kitchen decors all over the world, which brings a lot of charm and creativity to our homes. I think it’s a surprise element when people come over and see the dishes nicely – placed and matching – even though they aren’t the same set. It’s takes a bit of a designer’s eyes to make it look nice on the table, but with practice anyone can pull that off. Do you have some cute dishes? Put them on display! Show them off and dress them up with nice silverware and napkins. Plus a lovely center piece! And then call the girlfriends over for some cake time.


Breakfast Bowls: KIK

Check out my favorites here:

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